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Mirrors and Portals

Piloted by Katarina Lanier and Katinka Wissing

First session at HAUT DK, October 2023

curation by Cunts Collective

performance collaborators: Leonor Lopes, Ves Liberta, Inaja Skands

Ves Liberta (PT/DK), Inaja Skands (DK/BR) and Leonor Lopes (PT)


Second Session in São Paulo, February 2023

collaboration with Leo Shamah

Mirrors and Portals is a research project happening simultaneously between three different places (Copenhagen, Lisbon, and São Paulo), using video technology, movement and writing scores. Through both physical bodies and live video transmission, the artists create a visual mirror where togetherness can be digitally manufactured and virtually multiplied. The project departs from the desire to collaborate through geographical distance, and to mirror artistic processes and share perspectives on how we emotionally engage with the topics of daily lived experience, climate change, conflict and relationships, and public space. The research is one which uses simple live-stream video technology as a way to share physicality at-a-distance.


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