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Janus as a Bed

JAB hands nightshot.png

2023, 6'03"

Conception and director: Katarina Lanier

Co-director, Camera, Sound:  Ian Faria
Creative Collaboration and Performance: Leonor Lopes
Creative Collaboration and Performance: Marco Lanier
Creative Collaboration and Performance: Leonor Mendes
Video Editing: Sajra Subašić
Thank you to Sermin Kardestuncer, who let us inhabit her world for a season.

Janus as a Bed is the encounter of five multidisciplinary artists on the search for magic, collective abundance, and singular creativity. It’s about the insides of the creative process and the magic that happens within. The work itself is a psychomagic act constructed in relationship to our desires to begin a project together and take it through to potent futures. No meta-commentary on the role of the camera, only poetics, semiotics, and committed belief in our own performance.

Janus himself is the god of doorways and portals, and the apartment we find ourselves in has many. The video was constructed through continuous movement through the space and its mythologies. On each end of the apartment is a single twin bed. One room is deep into the core of the building, with no windows but filled with framed art offering you portals to look out of. And a CD player and the necessary tools to escape the loud streets of the city outside.

The second room is all white, with a curved arched entry way. White sheets, white bed skirt, white walls, white curtains, white light. Tucked away behind the white-painted studio with white curtains and a white A/C unit. Between these two beds, one on each extreme end of the apartment, is a world of shifting imaginaries and world-making objects.

Janus as a Bed is the beginning of unforeseeable ends, connections, and poetics.

JAB electric candle light.png
JAB foot mixed.png
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