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Dances of Desire

research process, 2022-2023

Work in Progress shared at Forum Dança, Rumo do Fumo and Casa da Dança

Collaboration and performance: Etna and Leonor Lopes

Dances of Desire is an experiment probing into sensual scenography, erotica, and subconscious desires through the figure of fictional dancer Clarissa Genosis. It is a time and space that wants to play with the edges between desire and disgust, between attraction and fear. Using movement research which aims to sculpt not only visual composition but insists on body states, the work aims to envelop audience members into the cocoon of dreams while intermittently bringing them back up to the surfaces of reality. As we get lost in the underworld of Clarissa’s subconcious, the different facets of her character will bring us back to the studio and the present of the theatre. She probes the audience with questions concerning the consequences of creative acts, the internal conflicts that arise, and the exhilarating joy of being a dancer. 

Special thank you to: Jean Lopes, Romain Beltrão, Aline Belfort, Barbára Cordeiro, João Parente, Bobby, and Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti.

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