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Call Me Three Times

2022, 40 minutes

Solo made in the context of PACAP5. Premiere in july 2022.

Call Me Three Times is a piece navigating fragmented dream states and realities of desire. It is an exploration of possible fantasies and their limits. Once you localize and formulate fantasy, what are the consequences of making these dreams tangible?  Throughout the piece, the author is both the producer, the technical team, and the performative subject of each image.  Through segments articulated with live-video projection, pre-recorded video, and live-action, the audience is invited to explore the multiple facets of her own questions, vulnerabilities, and their falsification.

The piece was selected as the winner of the Mostra Nacional de Jovem Criadores in 2022.



Interview in Coffeepaste

Interview in Gerador


image credits : Joana Linda

Supported by: Forum Dança, Apoio à residência ⏤ OPART | Estúdios Victor Córdon.

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