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Call Me 3x at Le Petit Versailles

2023, 3 week residency and open process presentation July 8th 2023

Creation and performance: Katarina Lanier

Collaboration and research: Leonor Lopes

Camera for open process showing: Neira Selimović

Support: Allied Productions, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

June and July 2023, we were invited to adapt the piece-made-for-stage Call Me three Times to the space of the Le Petit Versailles community Garden (LPV). For three weeks, we went between the space of the LPV and Green Oasis Community Garden, both part of the network of community gardens spread across the Lower East Side of Manhattan. These gardens are important spaces of shared community space, fresh air, and resilience. Each garden has its own unique history. 


Le Petit Versailles occupies a 20’ by 60’ lot that was formerly the site of an auto body “chop shop”. In 1996, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters began developing the site into a garden. With years of work they created a lush open space dominated by a stage that fulfills their commitment to providing a place for performers, filmmakers, and visual artists to show their work.


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