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BaklawaFM started as a weekly radio show which aired Wednesdays from 2-4pm on Mulhouse Nouvelles Expériences, a station founded in 2000. MNE is a radio station run by its volunteers and has existed in a variety of formats. The station is based on the ground floor of the MOTOCO building in the old DMC factories.

Our radio show was a platform that allowed space for collaboration between regular members, sound experimentation and emerging artists’ work. The show was just as easily made in the studio as it was in a car in the mountains. It was a tool that allowed us to play with performative constraints: two hours, sound work, no possible visual image, and the translation of performance practices... We often addressed social phenomena that touched our lives as well as those around us in an effort to create an inclusive, engaged, and experimental space.

Today BaklawaFM reappears for guest shows.

Members : Daphnée Gharaee, Madiana Kané Vieyra, Katarina Lanier, Léa Tissot

Collaboration with: Rencontres Internationales des Arts de l’Oralité 2019 (BJ), Kunsthalle de Mulhouse (FR), La Monade (CH)...



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